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NBA Draft 2016: Heat's first round pick owed to the Sixers falls to No. 24 after tiebreaker

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Philadelphia almost got their hands on a much higher draft pick last year but will settle for the No. 24 pick.

Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

That pesky first round pick that the Miami Heat owes to the Philadelphia 76ers will be the No. 24 in the 2016 NBA Draft.

Miami may not have their first round pick this year, but it could have cost them a chance of drafting Justise Winslow or another coveted rookie last year. Now with several tiebreakers broken today by the NBA, we now know the fate of the 2016 first round draft pick that was first traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the LeBron James sign-and-trade back in 2010 and later traded to the 76ers.

The drawings were conducted live on NBA TV earlier today in New York City by Kiki VanDeWeghe, Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations.

The results of the drawings:

  • Sacramento (33-49) won a tiebreaker with Denver and Milwaukee; Denver then won a tiebreaker with Milwaukee.
  • Dallas (42-40) won a tiebreaker with Memphis.
  • Detroit (44-38) won a tiebreaker with Portland.
  • Atlanta (48-34) won a tiebreaker with Boston, Charlotte and Miami; Charlotte then won a tiebreaker with Boston and Miami; Boston then won a tiebreaker with Miami.

Because it was top 10 protected last year, had the Heat fallen just one spot back in last year's NBA Draft Lottery it would have been conveyed to the Sixers Which would have meant no Winslow. I know, I know...terrifying. Instead, this year's pick could have been as high as No. 21 but fell all the way down to No. 24 after today.

If Miami would have had a top 10 pick again this year, the owed pick would have been unprotected in 2017. The Heat also do not have a second round pick, with their No. 51 pick going to the Boston Celtics.