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Series Review: How the Heat and Hornets played each other this season

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The Miami Heat will host the Charlotte Hornets in the first round of the playoffs. Here's a recap of the season series between the two teams.

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As the Miami Heat and Charlotte Hornets prepare to play their Game 1 of the first round, here's a quick review of their season series.

Game 1: October 28, Charlotte 94, @ Miami 104
This was the opening game of the season for both teams. Chris Bosh was the leading scorer for the Heat. Taking anything from this game as significant is pointless. The Heat have a different roster than this team. Mario Chalmers played a steady dose of minutes in this game.


Game 2: December 9, Miami 81, @ Charlotte 99
The Heat were simply out-classed in this game. Charlotte was without Al Jefferson, but used a 12-0 run in the first half to create room and they never gave it back. The Heat struggled to score and looked bad, real bad.


Game 3: February 5, Miami 98, @ Charlotte 95
Again, this was one of Chris Bosh's last games with the Heat this season. But it was a triple double with blocks from Hassan Whiteside that propelled the Heat to victory. He made key blocks down the stretch to help Miami close out the game.


Game 4: March 17, Charlotte 109, @ Miami 106
This was a heartbreaking loss, and one that set the Heat back in the standings. Charlotte used a 24-7 run to come back on Miami and clutch play from Kemba Walker closed out the game. This is the only post All-Star break matchup, one for the Heat in their great month of March scoring. It still wasn't enough.


So as you can see, their is only one real look at what is to come, because the first three games featured Chris Bosh for the Miami Heat. Without him, the team is completely different.  Charlotte will be a tough matchup for the Heat. But it's going to be a fun ride!