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Exclusive First Look: Dwyane Wade chills with George "Iceman" Gervin in new Gatorade ad

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Hot Hot Hoops has the exclusive early look at the latest Gatorade campaign featuring two cool cats, complete with photos from the set and interviews with Wade and Iceman.

S. Fernandez

Quick, name the two coolest NBA players to ever play the game, who embody what it means to be cool under pressure. Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade and NBA living legend George "The Iceman" Gervin are so cool it actually influenced their playing style and approach to the game, so it only makes sense that they would team up for a new Gatorade "Frost" ad campaign beginning today.

The pair is helping to launch three new flavors to the Frost line: Arctic Blitz, Icy Charge and the 7-11 exclusive Summit Storm. In the new commercial, just one sip of the frosty beverage sends Wade, who's been chilling out on the Heat's bench but is ready to check back into a tight game and come through in the clutch, into a surprise meeting with the Iceman as they try to one-up each other. The soundtrack to all the fun is the appropriately named "Stay Cool" tune from hip-hop icons the Roots.

Hot Hot Hoops not only has the exclusive first look at the new ad, which begins airing nationally tonight, but we were invited on the set to get a first-hand look at the shoot right here in Miami!

(You might want to put on a jacket or sweater first.)

Pretty cool, right?

Tucked to the side behind the large entrance to Carol City High School is the entrance to their gym, which was quite a sight to see on an early February morning in preparation for the shoot. In case you thought all of those effects were computer generated, the entire floor of the gym -- including the bleachers and walls -- was turned into this icy lair.

Taking a few steps inside, I almost half-expected to see my own breath. Glaciers of ice had mysteriously popped up through the court's surface, including one that had the look of some sort of throne.

Wade Gatorade ad

Wade Gatorade ad

Wade Gatorade ad

Wade Gatorade ad

As the crew put the finishing touches on the set, Wade and Gervin chilled out in separate trailers to prep for the shoot. The two superstars even took the time to talk about their involvement with the ad campaign as well as much more.

When it came time to chat with Wade after my visit to the set, I was curious to know how he approaches a pressure-filled situation with his well-known knack of keeping cool and focused.

"It's mental, it's slowing everything down," Wade said. "For myself and for others, you've put yourself in that moment many times when you've been in the gym. That's what you worked for, you work for those moments and don't rush it. Take your time. A lot of times in those situations you have a lot more time then you think you have. Some guys get so anxious, you don't realize how much time you have.

"I've always been a player that's kind of prided myself on always, at least showing that I'm cool under pressure. I'm cool in that moment even if inside I'm sweating or nervous. I always try to prove that I've put the work in, I've put myself mentally in this situation so many times so here it goes. Just let me do what I've always done."

Gervin, for his part, explained how being cool -- whether it was in a pressure situation or not -- just came naturally to him out on the court.

"You know one thing about it is you don't try to be cool, it was just part of my style," he said. "I was serious, it may not have looked it, but that's just the way I played. It's just the way I was. A lot of people know 'Ice' and don't know George Gervin. I kind of like that. That kind of followed me and I appreciate that."

Wade Gatorade ad

Gatorade Wade Ad

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