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DJ Khaled wants to buy ownership with Miami Heat

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DJ Khaled, famed anthem musical artist, wants in on the Miami Heat.

DJ Khaled.

You may know him as a mogul in the music industry. An anthem maker.

Or you may know him as a SnapChat icon.

Or you may recognize him as the guy who is sitting courtside at many Miami Heat games, as fans take pictures with him. However you do or don't know him, DJ Khaled wants a bigger role with the Miami Heat -- an ownership role.

Khaled told TMZ that he would like to own the Miami Heat, even if it is just 1% stake. Khaled doesn't have enough money to throw at Micky Arison to take a majority ownership, but he could talk his way into 1% for the right price, and he has the money to do that.

Khaled is a major Heat fan! He's always supporting them and his presence could bring some value as Rolling Stones writes. His presence could also be a distraction. But, this will all be up to the current owners of the team.