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HHH Friday FanDuel Forecast

It's the end! Our last weekend look at the regular season as you play FanDuel.

Welcome to our weekly forecast of weekend fantasy basketball! I've got bad news for you...this will be our last FanDuel post for the weekend this season. This is your last week of the regular season. So get in there and play!

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Here's my picks for you this weekend as you play. Top heavy plays, medium plays and low-key plays right here for you! Remember, just my take, do what you like!

HIGH - Andre Drummond vs the Wizards
Pistons are looking to secure playoff positioning and the Wizards are freshly eliminated. Drummond should go to work here and get some big boards and points.

MID - Kemba Walker vs the Nets
Kemba has been playing really well lately and as the Hornets push for the playoffs, Walker has a lot on his shoulders, and he shoudl deliver.

LOW - Louis Williams vs the Pelicans
This is a crap-shoot. Neither of these franchises really want to win, but Lou should get a lot of time in this game. Can't hurt for a cheap option.

HIGH - Russell Westbrook vs the Kings
He never lets up and never will. Kings play a high possession game and that makes for even more Westbrook awesome-ness. Enjoy it.

MID - Al Horford vs the Celtics
This is a good matchup for Al as the Celtics don't play big. He should never feel like he can't get his shot.

LOW - Shaun Livingston vs the Grizzlies
He could easily have a great matchup and be the advantage for GS as Memphis slows the game down. For a low price, he is a good play.

HIGH - Chris Paul vs the Mavericks
Dallas may have a good defense, but that's all the more to play CP3. He will have to do a lot of work in this one for the team.

MID - LaMarcus Aldridge vs the Warriors
Pop said they are playing the big guns, so I would play LA as he is the one with the advantage for the Spurs on their home court.

LOW - Aaron Gordon vs the Heat
His length and athleticism will cause problems for Miami as they play small. He could come up big.


I hope that helps you pick your team! Choose wisely, have fun and join us on FanDuel! Enjoy the end of the season.

Remember, all this is my opinions and not that of Hot Hot Hoops, SB Nation or FanDuel. FD has given me some cash to start playing.

Start playing now!