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Watch as Dwyane Wade's shot somehow gets perfectly stuck on the rim

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I've never, ever seen something exactly like this.

Last night's game featured a few questionable, ugly plays. The Miami Heat fought through adversity, however, and pulled out the 94-87 overtime win over the Raptors to tie the series at 2-2 headed back to Miami.

Near the end of the overtime period, leading by only a few points, Dwyane Wade drove right and flipped the ball towards the hoop. It caromed off the backboard, off the front of the rim, hit the heel of the rim and then....just....just...

Hung there.

(Via reddit)

Have you ever seen a crazier bounce? I mean, balls get wedged against the rim all the time. But, I've never seen this exact thing happen. Ever.

Turns out, I'm not alone: