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A survey of the Heat roster and salary

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Let's take a look at who's staying and who's going with the Heat roster.

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The Miami Heat have six players under contract for next season and that includes one player with a non-guaranteed contract. That means that Pat Riley has plenty of work to do in either keeping his team together or retooling it to a contender.

Sure, there are a lot of question marks when it comes to the status of Chris Bosh and his health, but let's put that aside and look at the pure nature of who's in and who's out on this team.

Miami Heat Salary
Player Age 15'16 (millions) 16'17 (millions) PPG
Chris Bosh 32 $22.19 $23.7 19.1
Dwyane Wade 34 $20 FA 19.0
Goran Dragic 30 $14.78 $15.89 14.1
Luol Deng 31 $10.15 FA 12.3
Josh McRoberts 29 $5.54 $5.78 3.6
Udonis Haslem 35 $2.85 FA 1.6
Justise Winslow 20 $2.48 $2.59 6.4
Amare Stoudemire 33 $1.49 FA 5.8
Gerald Green 30 $1.36 FA 8.9
Hassan Whiteside 26 $981,348 FA 14.2
Tyler Johnson 24 $845,059 FA 8.7
Josh Richardson 22 $525,093 $874,636 6.6
Joe Johnson 34 $414,481 FA 13.4
Briante Weber 23 $30,877 $874,363 (NG) 2.0
Dorell Wright 30 $17,637 FA

We can all agree that Dwyane Wade will be back, it's just a matter of what price. I also believe that Udonis Haslem will be back at the veteran's minimum. I have no reason to believe Riley wants to leave a team captain in the dust when he has sacrificed for this team.

Beyond that, there are some big questions to be answered when it comes to the status of Luol Deng, Joe Johnson and even Hassan Whiteside. Whiteside will demand a $22 million max deal from somewhere. I don't know if Miami will want to match that or not. Some of that may depend on whether Riley strikes gold, silver or bronze in free agency. He will likely get a room with some of the big names, whether they come here or not is a question.

Miami certainly has some work to do to fill out their roster this off-season. Now we want your initial thoughts about what they should do!

Comment below and tell us what Pat should do with this roster.