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Stephen A. Smith: Kevin Durant should go to the Miami Heat

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Could there be a new superstar coming to South Beach this summer?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat are going to the second round of the NBA Playoffs, but there's already talk of the off season.

Stephen A. Smith on ESPN's First Take said the following:

Now, there's a lot that goes into this. The Heat will have a lot of money to use this off season, but they also have plenty of free agents. Only Chris Bosh and Goran Dragic are locked up with lucrative deals. They will have to sign Dwyane Wade and Hassan Whiteside and also make decisions on Luol Deng and Joe Johnson.

But...if Kevin Durant wants to join that party, Pat Riley will figure out how to make it happen. Realize, this is all speculation and just the words from Stephen A. Smith. But it's something that could be in the realm of possibility.

Kevin Durant will be a free agent this summer and can do whatever he wants.