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REPORT: Chris Bosh wants to play but the Miami Heat won't allow it

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ESPN Radio and Miami's own Dan LeBatard shed some light on the Chris Bosh situation today.

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Dan LeBatard is a respected journalist in Miami. And so when he speaks into a situation, saying he has knowledge, we listen. And today, we listed to Dan share his take on ESPN Radio about the Miami Heat and Chris Bosh.

A situation that he says, "will get messier." It's a situation that apparently has Chris Bosh wanting to return and play Playoff basketball with the Miami Heat, and the team refusing. Bosh suffered another blood clot incident around the All-Star break and hasn't played since.

Medical experts suggest that a second stint with clots could end catastrophic if not treated. And that's the opinion that the Miami Heat are holding onto, despite Bosh desiring to return.

"This runs the risk of getting problematic here at a bad time, because Chris Bosh wants on the court. It's obvious that Chris Bosh wants on the court and that he's pressuring the organization." -- Dan LeBatard

Bosh has found at least one medical opinion that gives him the green light and allows him to play. The Heat, however, are not in agreement. And this is putting pressure on their relationship at the worst time. Bosh wants to play so badly, and the concern is that he doesn't feel any symptoms. That's the real issue, because he feels healthy. But the advice is to not play right now.

"[The Heat are] telling me that they're protecting him from him, but he doesn't feel any symptoms. This doesn't feel like the last time. All the doctors the Heat are talking to are saying, and they're the foremost authorities on this stuff, ‘Hey, a second recurrence of a blood clot situation could be catastrophic, where you've got a death on the court.'" -- Dan LeBatard

LeBatard also said that Bosh may get involved with the NBAPA to seek allowance and push the Heat to lift the restraint on him. It's such an unusual situation because nowhere else in sports is the best player kept off the floor when he wants to play -- except here. The Heat can't justify playing him when the experts say no.

Bosh would surely change the landscape of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. Bosh averaged 19.1 PPG and 7.4 RPG this season before sitting out the last half. However, the Heat made their strongest push since Bosh has been sidelined. He surely could add some needed depth behind Hassan Whiteside even if the Heat decide to stay small.

Miami opens up the second round in Toronto against the Raptors on Tuesday. Chris Bosh was not with the team when they left for the trip.

Listen to the piece from Dan LeBatard HERE.

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