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Dr. Oz gives his take to TMZ on Chris Bosh's blood clot issue

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TMZ Sports released a video of Dr. Oz giving his opinion on the Chris Bosh situation. We all know what TMZ did to former L.A. Clippers' owner Donald Sterling.

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High-profile physician Dr. Oz mentioned Chris Bosh by name in his opinion on the deadly possibilities of blood clots via a TMZ article titled, "BO KIMBLE TO CHRIS BOSH, TIME TO RETIRE, NBA Ain't Worth Dying For." The video of Hank Gathers collapsing was featured in a previous HHH article.

A recent HHH piece said, "Via Dan Le Batard, the Miami Heat are cautiously optimistic that the All Star big man can return to action next season." The story line of Le Batard in one corner and TMZ, along with Dr. Oz, in the other raises the stakes in whether the Miami Heat can count on Bosh playing for the Heat's 2016-17 season.

Watch the video clip below and see for yourself what Dr. Oz said about blood clots.

TMZ started the ball rolling against Donald Sterling a couple of years ago, from which he never recovered. This page about Sterling by TMZ illustrates why the Miami Heat would think twice before being dragged through the mud by TMZ before a national audience over the blood clot dilemma.  Even Fox Sports picked up on Bo Kimble's plea for Bosh and the Heat to resolve his status as soon as possible.

The NBA Draft, Summer League, free-agent signings are merely weeks away, which leaves little time to prepare for who will be on the Heat's roster next season. The longer the debate about Bosh status drags on, the more it could be a major factor on who will be on the team in 2016-17, especially since Chris currently takes up the most cap space.

The Heat were a win away from appearing in the Eastern Conference Finals, but looking at the roster this summer, Miami would be considered a notch below the elite trio of the Warriors, Thunder, Cavaliers for years to come. Dwyane Wade being another year older doesn't help in the long-term vision of the team, because all of the Heat's All-Stars are 30+ years-old. Hassan Whiteside may become one, but has yet to achieve that milestone.

The Miami Heat have no All-Stars under age thirty.

Hassan Whiteside, Justise Winslow, Josh Richardson, Tyler Johnson have potential, but that's all with such brief resumes under their belts to judge their staying power. During the playoffs Coach Erik Spoelstra hardly used Dorell Wright, Briante Weber, Amar'e Stoudemire, Gerald Green, with Whiteside and Bosh listed as DND. That left only nine rotation players in the win-or-go-home games versus the Raptors.

Kevin Durant said the reality in the NBA is the players have to earn the trust of a coach, not visa-versa, "In this league, we tend to think of it as the coach has to earn the players' respect, but really the players have to earn the coach's respect when you've got to go out there and play for him." If only nine players have the coach's trust, that's simply not enough to survive the 80+ games of an NBA season.

TMZ's release of a Dr. Oz video publicly calling out Bosh's medical problem raises the ante on getting his status resolved ASAP. TMZ took on the entire NBA over Sterling, so Adam Silver does not want to repeat that episode again. Never a person to shy away from publicity, a recent article on Dr, Oz was headlined, "New York Hospital Will Pay $2.2 Million to Family Over Dr. Oz Show Footage of Dying Relative."

The unexpected involvement of TMZ, Dr. Oz, along with Le Batard's recent comments raises the urgency getting on with the business of preparing for free-agency signings, without the distraction of potential lawsuits or having the Heat face unwanted media scrutiny that could potentially spiral out-of-control.