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Heat assistant David Fizdale might be the Grizzlies next head coach

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Miami Heat assistant David Fizdale is among the leading candidates for the head coaching position with the Memphis Grizzlies.


The Miami Heat may be losing their assistant head coach as David Fizdale is in serious talks with the Memphis Grizzlies to be their new head coach.

Fizdale has been rumored over the last few years to be a guy who can be successful as a head coach, just waiting for the right time and right place. It seems as though now Fizdale is finally taking a serious look at taking the next step. He not only interviewed, but was brought back a second time.

After the Orlando Magic agreed with Frank Vogel to be their new coach, the Grizzlies narrowed their focus to Fizdale. David has been with the Miami Heat for a while (5 years straight), and was one of those guys who began in the video room, a long time ago, just like Erik Spoelstra. After being an assistant a few other places, and landed with Miami again, and was promoted to assistant head coach.

He's a favorite of the players and a really great guy. He will be a fantastic head coach if it works out for him. With a vacancy, the Heat could promote Dan Craig to the bench with the team and possibly promote Juwan Howard or Chris Quinn to be the right hand man next to Spoelstra.

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