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Finding shows Miami Heat brand is strong

Sporcle released a finding showing that the Miami Heat stand as the second-most memorable team when people are challenged to think of all 30 NBA teams.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Sporcle, the popular trivia Web site, published its first-ever ranking of the NBA's most and least memorable teams May 26. The Miami Heat ranked second overall, only behind the Los Angeles Lakers.

Sporcle created its ranking from its NBA Teams quiz, which challenges people to name all 30 NBA teams in as little time as possible. 1.8 million people have played the quiz since 2008. The Heat, despite losing LeBron James in 2014, are the second-most likely NBA team people are likely to name when challenged to name all 30 teams.

Of course, "memorability" doesn't reflect how good a season a team has. The Lakers had a franchise-worst 17-65 record this year, but stand as one of the most storied franchises in basketball. Moreover, Kobe Bryant's farewell tour overshadowed the Lakers' futility, marking a transitional moment in Lakers history fans wanted to savor.

The Heat as a franchise penetrated into the zeitgeist of the basketball world in 2010, after re-signing Dwyane Wade and adding James and Chris Bosh. And even two years removed from James' departure for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Heat brand is strong. It's why "Let's Go Heat" chants erupted during some Miami road games this year.

Sporcle's finding also revealed that for the Golden State Warriors, winning correlated very closely with the team's memorability. After the Warriors' championship run last year and record-setting 73-win season this year, Golden State's memorability skyrocketed.