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Hassan Whiteside has a sprained MCL, listed as day-to-day

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He is listed as day-to-day, but there's plenty of uncertainty when it comes to his injury.

Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside underwent an MRI on Sunday that confirmed he has a sprained MCL and the team is listing his as day-to-day.

Without the specific listing of a Grade I, II, or III, we can't really start to understand the severity of Whiteside's injury. But for the frame of reference, Stephen Curry had a Grade I sprain during the playoffs and was said to be evaluated in two weeks. He's close to returning.

For the Heat, if that were the case, Whiteside would be out the remained of the series against the Toronto Raptors. If it were a Grade II sprain, that is more of the Marc Gasol or Rudy Gobert type injury from this season, one's that had them both miss 18 or more games.

What makes the matter even worse is Whiteside's contract and looking free agency. Sure, the injury could have been worse, but would the advisors to Hassan Whiteside even suggest coming back until 100% healthy? Whiteside is set to go from making under $1 million this season to getting a likely $100 million contract (from someone) in the off season. There's no good explanation as to why you would want to risk that.

The Miami Heat will need Whiteside, especially if Jonas Valanciunas returns from his injury. WIthout him, they are looking at a power rotation of Udonis Haslem, Josh McRoberts and Amare Stoudemire.

However, with the Miami Heat listing him as day-to-day, it gives us the illusion that Whiteside, although doubtful for Game 4, could try to give it a go in this series when he's feeling better. He's already banged up from the series against the Hornets, but he is a competitor, and wouldn't be shocking to see him come back early.

Only time will tell.

The Raptors announce that Jonas Valanciunas will miss the remainder of the series with a sprained ankle.

Game 4 is Monday in Miami.