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Mario Chalmers thinks Kevin Love should call Chris Bosh

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on Sirius XM Radio, Mario Chalmers gave some advice for Kevin Love.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

"I think he can be a good fit. If I was Kevin Love I would call Chris Bosh." That was the quote that stuck out from a Mario Chalmers interview with Sirius XM Radio talking about the NBA Finals.

Chalmers was asked if Kevin Love fit with the Cavs. After Cleveland got beat in the first two games of the Finals, they won Game 3 by 30 points without Kevin Love who hadn't completed the concussion protocol after his hit in Game 2. Now, people are really starting to question, wonder and talk about how Love fits on this team.

And who are they asking? Yeah...Mario Chalmers.

And what's Chalmers response...Kevin should call Chris Bosh.

If I was Kevin Love, I would call Chris Bosh -Mario Chalmers

But hey, it's got some merit to it. Chris Bosh made a very similar adjustment to playing style and attitude when it comes to going from the go-to guy to the third option. Bosh wasn't perfect at it, but he changed his game, added new pieces and adjusted in a way that eventually led to two NBA Championships in 4 Finals visits.

Chris Bosh was routinely touted as the "most important" part of their team. Even with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade next to him, they looked at him as the one who would put it all together and complete their trio to make it potent.

That's not necessarily happening in Cleveland right now. Kevin Love at times can feel out of place. That was evident in Game 3 where Cleveland just raked the Warriors without Love. They may play better without him, at least against the Warriors.

Nonetheless, Chalmers is telling Love to call Bosh for some advice. That doesn't really do the Miami Heat any favors, they would prefer the Cavaliers not get to the level the Heat reached in those four years.

But, thanks to Rio for creating some discussion.