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Kevin Durant to meet with Heat in free agency

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The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski said that Durant's main criteria will be winning titles immediately.

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski reported Friday that Kevin Durant will host meetings with several teams come the July 1 start of NBA free agency. And Heat President Pat Riley will have a room with the Oklahoma City superstar.

Wojnarowski said that the Thunder remain the front-runners to re-sign Durant, likely on a one-year deal that will allow the former MVP to test the free agent waters in 2017. A one-year deal would allow Durant to make even more money when the increasing salary cap jumps again next year.

Still, Durant's main criteria will focus on winning titles immediately. Riley won't have the same selling point he made to LeBron James six years ago -- a completely blank roster that allowed him to sign the Big Three. This iteration of the Miami Heat have a huge question mark around Chris Bosh's health moving forward, uncertainty surrounding Hassan Whiteside's own impending free agency and a 34-year-old (instead of a 28-year-old) Dwyane Wade.

But one thing every Miami Heat fan has learned to do is to never doubt Pat Riley -- he somehow managed to trade for Goran Dragic last year while only giving up draft picks and a broken-down Danny Granger. Let's see how Riley walks into a room with Durant and Roc Nation, the agency founded by the hip hop icon Jay Z. Perhaps in honor of today's 20-year anniversary of Jay's Reasonable Doubt, the Godfather will play, "Can't Knock the Hustle."

It should be an alluring first week of July.