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Kevin Durant said to only seriously consider Heat or Warriors should he leave Thunder

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Speculative rumor has Warriors or Heat as the only realistic option for Kevin Durant for his best chance at a ring.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

A highly interesting report from The Oklahoman includes this passage from an undisclosed agent:

"So Golden State and Miami become the only real players," the agent said.

"It's too hard to justify a move to Los Angeles (Lakers) or New York because they are not close to winning. Houston's out."

Furthermore the unnamed source made a surprising prediction,

It's a decision that may already have been made.

"He knows his plan before this process happens," one agent thinks of the day Durant's free agency starts, calling the meetings with various teams "bull."

"It's more formality than anything else."

Compared to Golden State, Miami Heat would provide Durant a opportunity to regain his place on the All-NBA First Team, which saw him lose out to Kawhi Leonard last season. Durant received only 36 votes first-place votes, compared to teammate Russell Westbrook's 120 votes. On the Warriors team Durant would be in the same situation, because both Stephen Curry (129) and Draymond Green (40) garnered more support from voters than Durant. Since nine out of the ten players on First and Second All-NBA teams were from Western Conference teams, the Eastern Conference gives Durant a much better chance to become the face of NBA again.

During face-to-face negotiations, Durant will be sitting with his agent Rich Kleiman of Roc Nation Sports, which also represents Justise Winslow, whose agent is Joe Branch, the head of the company’s basketball division and Kleiman's boss.

Founded by Jay-Z, Roc Nation caters to a select group of clients. Branch says, "People don’t know what a Roc Nation athlete is. It’s not all flash and glamour. We want the right guys, the right fit."

Michael Yormark, president and chief of branding and strategy, advises his clients, "We’re not the best fit for everybody. We’re not shooting 100 percent in our recruiting. There are people who ultimately decide to go to other agencies. But as we tell everybody, if you’re looking to build your brand and you want more than being a good basketball player, football player, baseball player, this is where you want to be."

Passionate Heat fan DJ Khaled is under the Roc Nation umbrella and Jay-Z personally manages him, according to The Verge, "Roc Nation's newest member is DJ Khaled. Khaled just signed a management-only deal with Jay Z's company, which lands him in a roster that includes the likes of Big Sean, DJ Mustard, Kanye West, and Rihanna. According to an announcement from Roc Nation, Jay Z himself will be Khaled's manager."

What do you think? Does Pat Riley and the Miami Heat have a realistic shot at signing the perennial All-Star?