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Report: Dwyane Wade open to free agency talks with other teams

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The hope was that it would happen quickly and quietly. Now, Wade may drag this out.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports reporter Brian Windhorst is reporting that sources say that Dwyane Wade is open to other free agency offers because the Miami Heat have not met mutual ground with him.

This report, surfacing while Wade is riding banana boats with Chris Paul, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony on vacation, isn't something we wanted to see. Wade said that he hoped there wouldn't be any controversy or news about him, but now there is.

Last season, the Heat agreed to a one-year, $20 million deal with Wade. Now 34, it's unclear what Wade is seeking in terms of money and length. But the Heat have Hassan Whiteside to deal with, seeking $22 million max deal, and they also have a July 1 meeting with the prize free agent Kevin Durant.

I hope that everything is quiet and works out the way I want it to. But I have no control over that, as much as people might think. It's a lot of moving parts in free agency. I'm not worried about it. -Wade earlier this season

I find it unlikely that Wade would leave Miami unless they gutted the roster and he had no chance to play in the playoffs. I think his loyalty is there for the team. But, it's free agency. Anything can happen.

There would be plenty of suitors, although none of them would offer the type of money that the Miami Heat would give him. Wade could compliment another team great, but no one is paying him over $12-15 million to join them even if for one season. He's too old for a team to invest in him like that, unless you are the Miami Heat.

Wade may simply be using this as leverage to get where he wants with the Heat. But it's no fun to see these reports.

My Opinion
I don't think there is any way Dwyane leaves Miami. He has so much invested here. I think as long as Chris Bosh is planning to come back, he's going to ride his ship out here in South Beach. 13 years is a long time. His legacy would change drastically if he ring-chased to end his career.

I believe this is a simple tactic to help him get the contract he is looking for. I think he wants longevity. I think he would like a 4 year contract to end his career and keep him wealthy. The only issue is that Wade will likely not play up to the money that he is seeking in those last 2-3 years. Next year he may be fine and average 18 PPG. But then he's going to be 35. You can't pay a 35 year old $20 million.

One of two things are going to happen here. The Heat are going to strike out on their FA plans and will pay Wade his money on a one-year deal. Or, he will agree to a 4 year deal that will be front-loaded and tail off on the end.

Friday will be busy, but don't expect any agreements this soon from Wade and the Heat as free agency negotiations begin.