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Watch Miami Heat's LeBron play against Cleveland Cavs' LeBron

The ultimate "what if?": which version of LeBron James would win?

In one of the more intriguing YouTube videos out there, a NBA fan compiled an incredible montage of "Big 3 era" LeBron James playing with the Miami Heat facing off against none other than Cleveland Cavaliers champion LeBron James out on the court.

Stefan, a 24-year-old fan from Macedonia, was able to masterfully intercut footage from both triumphant eras of James' career over the course of four months and the results were well worth it! Make sure to follow his YouTube channel "Coffee Talk" too.

While the video may be a little bittersweet for Heat fans, I can't help but think of an alternate universe dating back to 2010 where both Micky Arison and Dan Gilbert pool their enormous resources together to clone LeBron James as a free agency compromise.