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Is Hassan Whiteside helping Heat recruit Kevin Durant?

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Hassan Whiteside will help the Heat recruit Kevin Durant with possible wiggle room in his new contract agreement to create a new "Big 3" in Miami.

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

New details, per Ethan Skolnick, says Hassan Whiteside's contract includes "wiggle room" to allow Miami Heat to sign Kevin Durant.

Skolnick says, "According to multiple sources, the Heat center agreed to take less than $98 million over four years on one condition -- that it helps the Heat land Kevin Durant, with whom Riley and Micky Arison will meet in the Hamptons on Sunday."

Pat Riley worked his magic once again as the Heat are all in to sign Durant for a new "Big 3" of Whiteside, Durant, and Dwyane Wade in Miami.

If Chris Bosh returns, then Miami would have a possible "Big 4" of Durant, Whiteside, Wade, and Bosh to form a legitimate contender for the NBA crown.

DJ Kahled's friendship with Hassan and connection with Durant's Roc Nation Sports helps the case to recruit KD.

Durant was forced to start his professional basketball career in Seattle, when he was drafted by the Supersonics in 2007.

At this stage in his life he finally can dictate how he wants to spend the remainder of his days as a baller, on his own terms. As Whiteside hints, he would love to have Kevin as a teammate to win a championship.

Here is the Will Smith Miami anthem Whiteside played on his Snapchat account announcing his choice.