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Rival executives taking Dwyane Wade free agency seriously

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Today rival executives are preparing to speak with Wade regarding free agency, and they are taking it very seriously.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat have not yet come to deal, and as far as other teams are concerned they might not.

While the Heat faithful believe Wade will once again return to the Heat, rival executives aren't so sure and as a result are taking his free agency very seriously. Wade is expected to talk with other teams starting today according to The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski, and has already been offered multi year deals.

Wade knows how much he's worth, he's an experienced veteran who can still single handedly lead a team to a playoff series victory. The Heat know it as well, but of course don't want to completely give up their free agency search to please a 34-year-old veteran, even if he is the franchise's best player ever.

It's hard to say what's going to happen regarding Wade, but Heat Nation can only hope that he reaches a deal in Miami soon.