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Orlando Summer League Preview: Miami Heat

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Here's a brief look at what to expect for the Orlando Summer League.

The Miami Heat will begin play in the Orlando Summer League on Saturday. We thought with the beginning of NBA free agency, you may have slightly forgotten about that. Here's some of the basic information you need to know about the league.

Saturday :: Miami Heat vs L.A. Clippers, 5:00 PM EST
Sunday :: Miami Heat vs New York Knicks, 3:00 PM EST
Tuesday :: Miami Heat vs Orlando Magic (Blue), 1:00 PM EST
Thursday :: Miami Heat vs Detroit Pistons, 5:00 PM EST
Friday :: Championship Rounds, TBD

You can view the Miami Heat roster right HERE. But it is highlighted by Justise Winslow and Josh Richardson. The only other Heat player on the roster is Briante Weber, who has a non-guaranteed deal. There are a few returning players from last year and/or the Sioux Falls team you may recognize.

The rest, you will just begin to get to know. Hot Hot Hoops will be live and on site to bring your exclusive coverage at the Orlando Summer League.

Juwan Howard will coach the team this summer. With the departure of David Fizdale from the staff, this coaching team is fairly new to the game. However, Howard has been with the Heat for some time. His son will also be on the roster.

You can see the Heat games streamed at You can also watch it live on NBATV.

What to Expect
Anything, really. Do expect this: it's not necessarily about winning. You may see glimpses of Winslow and Richardson, but they may or may not be in the game at the end to try and win it. It's about seeing the talent and the abilities of the players. It's about seeing who can make some of the adjustments to NBA rules and the flow of the game. And it's about seeing who stands out above the rest.

The Heat have some intriguing players that could land a training camp spot depending on how the rest of the roster pans out. They, and we, are watching to see who makes us get excited. Tyler Johnson is one example of player who stood out at the Summer League and eventually found his way on the roster.

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