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Report: Wade in talks with Knicks, Bucks

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ESPN's Brian Windhorst said that the three-time NBA champion may schedule meetings next week.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Brian Windhorst tweeted today that Heat guard Dwyane Wade is in contract talks with the New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks and could schedule meetings next week.

Earlier today, The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that rival executives have made multi-year deals to Wade. Wojnarowski said that the Miami Heat and Wade are at a "contract impasse" after Miami re-signed Hassan Whiteside. Some people also speculated that a tweet from Wade's wife, Gabrielle Union, was directed at the Heat.

The New York Knicks have already added Joakim Noah to a core that includes Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose and Kristaps Porzingis. Going to Milwaukee would represent a return to Wade's old stomping grounds at Marquette, and the Milwaukee Bucks have already signed shooting guard Matthew Dellavedova to a four-year, $38.4 million offer sheet. And from the looks of this LeBron James tweet, the Cavaliers won't match it.

At 34 years old, Wade is a 30-minute-per-game player now, so the Dellavedova signing may not dissuade Milwaukee. But Pat Riley previously said that Miami would take care of its "forever guys" -- Wade, Udonis Haslem and Alonzo Mourning. Remember the #HeatLifer campaign?

This saga could all end in a couple days with Wade re-signing. But let's see what happens.