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Miami Heat to sign free agent center Willie Reed

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Miami hasn't forgotten Reed's impressive performance last year in Summer League.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat continue to round out their roster with a flurry of moves over the weekend, this time adding free agent center Willie Reed.

Reed, 26, measures 6'-10" and played well for the Heat last year in Summer League in Orlando with his relentless energy but was quickly signed by the Brooklyn Nets, where averaged 4.7 points, 3.1 rebounds, 0.8 blocks and 10.9 minutes in 39 games last season.

Miami needed more bodies in the power rotation and Reed sets up to be a capable back-up to Hassan Whiteside. The team is also retaining co-captain Udonis Haslem.

Last year at Summer League, Reed spoke about what he could bring to the Heat just days before he was signed away by the Nets.

Miami now has time to round out their training camp roster to up to 20 players but could still elect to make trades, perhaps with an eye to move Josh McRoberts' multi-year contract.