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Pat Riley non-committal on Chris Bosh's return to Heat for next season

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Riley didn't offer up any news on the status of Chris Bosh moving forward but says the team is willing to do whatever they can to help him return to the basketball court.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

At today's press conference, Miami Heat president Pat Riley declined to offer up any revelations on the medical status of Chris Bosh, only saying that the situation remains fluid and that the team is doing everything they can to allow him to fulfill his wish to return.

For now, the issue of whether or not Bosh will be medically cleared to play this upcoming season remains up in the air.

"It's always fluid. It has been since there was diagnosis and a decision for him not to play. It's a positive environment right now with Chris and I think his doctors. Our doctors are constantly communicating. I know what Chris wants and I know he wants to play. We would be open to that but this is still a very fluid situation. On this day today, there is not an answer. Let's let this process move on down the road and then we'll go from there.

"I can't speak medically about this thing. I can only speak from a basketball standpoint. He's been working out. From a basketball standpoint, is it complicated? It's only complicated based on the information we get back from our doctors if there's a moment of truth when it comes to yes or no.

"From the standpoint as of today, it's moving forward of down that road of him playing. We're open to helping him get there. That's all I can say. It's a sensitive, complicated situation that I can't really speak to medically. From a basketball standpoint, I've been told it's been put on hold.

"We know what Chris is capable of. The last two years, losing him after the All-Star break, two years in a row, you never know what you have or what we could have done. That's what kills me. We put together a good team since LJ left but we've never had an opportunity to see it at its full. We need to wait until August or September, we'll have a lot more information then."