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Which Heat players have All-Star potential?

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Never too early for South Floridians to start pushing and elect their favorite Heat players for the 2017 NBA All-Star team.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Will Hassan Whiteside be the only Miami Heat player to take Dwyane Wade's place in the All-Star game? Which other guys could have a breakout season, with All-Star-level performances, to join him?

Chris Bosh would be a sentimental favorite if cleared to compete. His status is too life-threatening to be determined by polls, opinions, or feelings. Heat Nation will know when the doctors tell us he is not at risk and can compete safely. #AllStarBosh

Hassan Whiteside was the only Heat player in the MVP voting mix last season. Given what he has shown so far, he's Miami's best bet for All-Star status in 2017. #AllStarWhiteside

Goran Dragic has almost been there and done that as 2014's Most Improved Player and third-team All-NBA. With the keys to run the team, can he snag his first appearance on the wrong side of 30? #AllStarDragic

Justise Winslow is the youngest member of the team by far, but has attracted attention for his upside potential and Running Man Dance moves. Being placed among the elite players would be quite be an accomplishment at 21 years of age. #AllStarWinslow.

Tyler Johnson went from undrafted player, to a 10-day contract, to a six-year tenure with the team. Incredibly, he's one of few guys on the team from the summer of 2014. Definitely a long-shot candidate, but a push by South Floridians to get out the vote, along with Tyler's relentless work ethic may draw the attention of NBA fans across the country. Bottom line, he has to deliver the goods on the court with his play. #AllStarTylerJohnson

Josh Richardson is last of the "Four Horsemen" whom Pat Riley mentioned in his press conference. Given a chance last season, J Rich became one the NBA's top 3-point shooters after the All-Star break. Already a top-flight defensive player, he needs minutes to fully showcase his talents during the entire season. #AllStarJRich

Besides those mentioned, could an unforeseen injury to a starter, a last-minute trade for a top player, or sheer determination, lead to increased floor time by someone else on the Heat? Maybe they could earn a spot on the All-Star squad with an outstanding first part of the season.

Fans select All-Star starters by voting for their favorite players. Let South Floridians get behind their team and elect Heat player(s) to the next All-Star team to make up for the departed stars.