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Udonis Haslem joins Dwyane Wade in China for Way of Wade tour

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UD shows support for Dwyane Wade by joining him on his annual Way of Wade tour.

Way of Wade Twitter

Every year, Dwyane Wade makes his annual trek to China as part of his Way of Wade tour. This tour gives Wade the opportunity to connect with fans aboard, announce and promote new additions to his Way of Wade line and put on basketball demos for the aspiring youth in Bejing.

This year was no different and he also had some good company along the way.

#TeamWade member @ud40 has also made the trip abroad for the China Tour! #WayOfWade

A photo posted by WAY OF WADE by Dwyane Wade (@wayofwade) on

We are so close! @dwyanewade @ud40 #wadechinatour #wayofwade #lining #hero #3 #theflash

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