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Dwyane Wade formally introduced by Bulls, talks Heat breakup: "I have no rift with Pat Riley"

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Wade discusses his departure, says both parties had a different direction for the future.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Dwyane Wade insisted there is no rift between the former Miami Heat superstar and Pat Riley in an introductory press conference held by his new team 23 days after committing to the Chicago Bulls in a dramatic end to his 14 seasons in Miami.

The opportunity to play for his hometown team was a unique opportunity he couldn't pass up and it wasn't a money decision, Wade insisted Friday at the Bulls practice facility.

"Let's clear up the notion that Pat Riley orchestrated me getting out of Miami because he didn't offer the money I wanted," Wade said. "This was not a money deal for me. If it was a money deal, I would have taken the most money that was offered for me."

Here are some of the more interesting Wade quotes about his negotiations with the Heat and his relationship with Riley:

So um, yeah, this looks just so weird....