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Heat celebrate Rodney McGruder's birthday with classic 'MacGruber'

No, not the 80s TV show MacGyver, but THE MacGruber...

There might have been a few times on Hot Hot Hoops where I accidentally misspelled promising Miami Heat guard Rodney McGruder's name with MacGruber, but it's only because of my love for the former Saturday Night Live sketch that was turned into a movie in 2010 starring Will Forte.

Turns out, there might be a fellow fan working for the Heat social media team who, rightly so, figured there was only one special way to truly celebrate McGruder's 25th birthday.

In case you're not familiar with the character (how is that possible?), the action hero frequently gets himself into increasingly disastrous situations but must save the day using whatever he has nearby at his disposal. Yeah, you could say it's much like the 80's TV show "MacGyver" but to hilarious results.


Kudos to the Heat for the excellent birthday salute and happy birthday to McGruder!