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Heat beat Knicks in Summer League play 74-48

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Miami is now 2-0 in Orlando.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat had another impressive game at the Orlando Summer League. They secured a 74-48 win over the New York Knicks without Justise Winslow or Josh Richardson even suiting up. Three players scored in double figures for them: Juwan Howard Jr., Rodney McGruder and Kenny Gabriel.

Of the three, Gabriel was impressive. I am looking at this with the lense of what they can offer the Miami Heat, not necessarily what they do for the Summer League team. Gabriel was able to spread the floor and knock down threes as well as bang inside and get some rebounds. At 6'8, he is a decent option for them to give a look at small forward at the end of the bench.

McGruder as well seems to be hitting his stride. The Heat have had their eye on him and he's playing with the Skyforce already. At 6'5, he is a scoring and shooting guard. He can put it on the floor and shoot well. He also enjoys defense. He just needs to refine his skills.

The Heat beat the Knicks with the deep ball and great defense. Two quarters they held them to single digits. As Phil Jackson was watching, he wasn't impressed. Miami now has 15 points so far in the Summer League. They are looking good and playing as a team.

Check out the complete box score HERE.

Next up for them is a game on Tuesday, 1:00 PM EST against the Orlando Magic blue team.