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Can Derrick Williams find success in Miami?

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Derrick Williams has played for three teams over his six year career, however it looks like the tools are in place for him to succeed

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Williams, the 6'8, 240 pound power forward from Arizona has been in the league for six seasons and in that time has already played for three teams. At only 25 years old, he's a bit too young to be considered a journeyman, but at the same time his numerous club travels are hardly reassuring. With that being said, his physical gifts and overall talent make him a good fit for this Miami team.

Williams has a solid career statistics averaging 9.3 points and 3.3 rebounds per game, and the former number 2 pick is capable of catching fire at a moment's notice. At first glance the addition of Williams looks like an attempt to replace the athleticism of Gerald Green, however it's clear that Williams is a better (and younger) player. While the 30-year-old Green will be remembered for his flashy dunks, and big shots, often overlooked are his inefficiencies as a volume shooter. In Miami, Green shot just 32% from beyond the arc, which was unacceptable on a team that was desperate for three point shooting. Obviously, Derrick Williams won't be gunning for the Heat, but he will be running.

With Dwyane Wade gone, and Miami's roster now exponentially younger, Goran Dragic will finally be able to conduct the offense at the fast pace he was accustomed to in Phoenix. Williams should be a big part of that. Upon analysis of his time in NYC, it's obvious that whenever Williams has the ball he looks to slash, with a capable point guard like Dragic this could lead to many buckets. After all, Williams was successful with Langston Galloway leading the charge in New York.

Williams also has the ability to capitalize on defensive lapses, something that will take advantage of the whole roster's passing ability. It's hard to not see Williams scoring often off a cut to the rim if Josh McRoberts, Josh Richardson, Chris Bosh, Tyler Johnson and Dragic have the ball. He also has a solid post game, becoming a second option if Whiteside finds himself in foul trouble.

Williams' skillset actually reminds me a lot of Amar'e Stoudemire notwithstanding Stat's soft touch. I'd expect him to be used similar to how Miami utilized Stoudemire last year, however with a lot heavier minutes. To view the similarities, see Stoudemire's game highlights against Sacramento last season:

So will Derrick Williams last in Miami past his one year $5 million dollar deal? That remains to be seen, but the tools for him to succeed are there for the taking.