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Could Wade be taking his talents to Cleveland to reunite with LeBron?

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Rumors have appeared suggesting Wade is in preliminary talks to rejoin LeBron James, but this time in Cleveland.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

God I hope not. Nevertheless, rumors have appeared suggesting that Dwyane Wade is in preliminary talks with the Cleveland Cavaliers to potentially reunite with LeBron James.

While the specifics are without a solid foundation, many have exclaimed that Dan Gilbert, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade flew to Cleveland together yesterday following Durant's announcement.

Though many fans (not Miami fans) want this to happen so that Cleveland can battle the Golden State Monstars Warriors next season, it would be incredibly tough to pull off. For one Cleveland is on the books for a massive $74 million already, according to Sun Sentinel writer, Dave Hyde. With that being said, LeBron would have to take a huge pay cut in order to get Cleveland some cap room, and still the money offered would still be lower than Miami's $40 million offer over two years.

The ball is in Wade's court now, hopefully his decision keeps him in South Florida, but rumors are swirling and generally where there's smoke there's fire.