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Wade free agency meetings back on with Bucks, Bulls and Nuggets

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Dwyane Wade is determined to gauge interest from other NBA teams on the free market.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After previous reports that Dwyane Wade had cancelled meetings with NBA teams, it appears that the Milwaukee Bucks, Chicago Bulls and the Denver Nuggets will be able to meet with the free agent in New York after all.

The Bucks appeared to be out of the running but are back in, though they would have to clear salary to meet Wade's contract demands of a raise from his previous $20 million salary and likely a multi-year deal. The Miami Heat's offer is reportedly for two years at $40 million. At this point, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers don't appear to be recruiting Wade, at least not aggressively and are not presently mentioned as possible suitors for him.

But where do the Heat fit into all this? It's not looking good at the moment but a meeting today with owner Micky Arison could lead to finding a compromise.

If the Heat can't clear up more salary by trading away a player like Josh McRoberts, then Wade at this point doesn't look like he'll be taking anything less than $20 million after making his very public contract demands. Will Pat Riley blink first or will he allow his star player to walk? Stay tuned.