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Dwyane Wade thanks Heat fans for support on "Live With Kelly" TV show

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Several hours after the decision, Wade discusses his decision to leave Miami for Chicago.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't long until fans got to see their first TV interview from the now-former Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade several hours after he announced his decision to join the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night.

Having already agreed to co-host the "Live With Kelly" morning TV show several weeks prior, Wade jokingly pointed out the bags under his eyes to Kelly Ripa at the start of the show but was otherwise in fine spirits while still apparently shocked and dazed about his whirlwind free agency.

Ripa went right to it from the start and nonchalantly asked him if there was anything new or exciting going on with his life.

"Last night was a long, long night for me" Wade joked. "I was more nervous about this then I was about everything that happened last night."

Wade Ripa Image: WPLG

She soon congratulated him on his new contract with this hometown Bulls.

"It's still surreal and I'm still numb," Wade said. "This decision that I had to make last night, I mean I've been in Miami for 13 years. I mean 13 incredible years. You get a week to decide what you're going to do. And I didn't get no sleep. I lost probably five or 10 pounds, you know, just not being able to eat."

Though Ripa teased him about his supposed weight loss, Wade insisted it was because he was sweating so much. Soon the conversation turned to his time in Miami and the support he enjoyed from his loyal fans throughout his career.

"I just want to thank all my fans," he said. "I mean, I call it, we call it, 'Heat Nation,' just around the world, just by the way they embraced me, this little shy kid from Chicago. I came from Milwaukee (in Marquette) to Miami, and really grew up. And we did some special things together. I didn't do it by myself. I had so many unbelievable teammates along the way. But our fans are just phenomenal -- all of Heat Nation in the world, we even have Heat Nation in New York because I heard some cheers last year."

Wade spoke about how he excited he was to play in a Bulls uniform, as he always imagined it when he was little.

"I'm born and raised in Chicago," he said. "And I'm excited to go back to the place that I've always envisioned playing basketball. You know being a kid, growing up, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls was the team for us. And I've always like envisioned myself being in the backyard, always had a Bulls jersey on, always envisioned Dwyane Wade's name being called in the United Center. And I get an opportunity to live that dream out now."

Little else was revealed about the free agency chase, with Wade and Ripa later bonding over their mutual outie belly buttons while discussing his recent cover photo for the body issue of ESPN The Magazine. We'll surely have more reaction from Wade and the Heat over the summer about the seismic events from last night so stay tuned.