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Heat announce plans to pay tribute to Dwyane Wade's legacy in Miami

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Reaction from the franchise is swift a day after Wade announces his plans to leave for Chicago.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat are wasting no time honoring Dwyane Wade after 13 unforgettable seasons and three NBA championships.

A series of activities have been planned tomorrow, July 8, including a full marketing blitz across all three major South Florida newspapers featuring Wade and the iconic "This is My House" image.

Throughout the day, Miami's digital and social media networks will feature Wade photos, videos and graphics including "13 Moments" -- which, according to the Heat's press release will be "a series of vignettes that pay homage to Wade's remarkable Miami Heat career". The Miami Media Mesh outside the AmericanAirlines Arena will also display images of Wade during the entire day.

In addition, all Dwyane Wade merchandise will be sold for $13.00 at all The Miami HEAT Store locations while supplies last.

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