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Micky Arison has a 7-point checklist for the Miami Heat team

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In Micky Arison's message to Miami Heat fans he gave a 7-point list of what management expects from the players this season.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

In his open letter to Miami Heat fans, owner Micky Arison reminded players of the 7-point list management holds them accountable to live by, and being nice between the four lines is not one of them. Team unity, preparation and toughness are the main criteria for inclusion on the Miami Heat roster. The staff will look for the following traits from the players to field a competitive unit that Heat fans can root for this season,

  1. hardest working
  2. best conditioned
  3. most professional
  4. unselfish
  5. toughest
  6. meanest
  7. nastiest


A behind-the-scenes look at Derrick Williams, James Johnson and Willie Reed putting the time in the gym to perfect their craft, before the stage lights go on and the curtain parts.


Winning on the court follows getting ready beforehand, whether at home or on the road. Tyler Johnson and others put their sweat equity into building a team, which competes for the entire 48 minutes of action.


On and off the court Heat players exemplify professionalism by giving back to the community, whether in high-profile or low-profile settings.


This old video clip from 2013 illustrates how the Heat play hot potato with the basketball, which features now you see it, now you don't action. Opponents were one step behind them grabbing at air, because the ball vanished from sight.


Goran Dragic is the Heat's piñata, who keeps getting up from the floor after taking beatings on a regular basis.


Hassan Whiteside owns the painted area like it's his own backyard. Everyone enters at their risk if they miss the "Beware of Whiteside" sign on the chain link fence outside, and will pay the price for trespassing.


Dion Waiters has no fear of going to the rim to score points for his team. Being mugged in the process is the cost of doing business.

Memo to selves for the players:
Are all 7 boxes checked?