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Beno Udrih rejoins Miami Heat family with one-year deal

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Udrih brings a continuity for the Heat at the point guard position for the entire 48 minutes, especially without the presence of Dwyane Wade.

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The Miami Heat officially confirmed what has long been suspected would happen, the signing of Beno Udrih to Miami Heat roster for the 2016-17 season.

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Seems like Beno hasn't lost a step after the plantar plate injury he suffered last season. Maybe the time off helped him by adding more spring to his step.

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Udrih may teach the young ones a thing or two about enjoying what you do: "Part 1 of today's training is lower body dynamic work. Change of direction, rotation, explosion. @BenoUdrih19 is coming..."

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Udrih and Goran Dragic together provide a veteran leadership duo who are familiar with the Heat culture. He can do the job also in spot starts, because of his similar style to Dragic. If he's anything like last season, Miami will prove it's doubters wrong, because quitters never win.

The sighting of Beno with Rudy Gay, Amar'e Stoudemire and Omri Casspi gives credence to Gay's desire to join the Heat. Who would ever think Udrih was that involved with Israeli basketball?

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Welcome back to Miami Beno!

In honor of the dragons, a vintage bomber jacket from the 1950's