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Miami Heat's 2016-17 road schedule could work in Bosh's favor

Unlike last year the Heat don't have a ridiculous road trip, perhaps benefiting Heat star Chris Bosh.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Last season the Miami Heat had a stretch of games that had them play 14 of 16 games on the road. At the time Heat players welcomed the challenge, some players like Chris Bosh even believed it would be best for the Heat saying:

"I think it’s best for this team because we’ve been at home quite a bit. I think maybe that has to do with complacency. I don’t think we’re mentally tough enough to deal with that and do what we’re supposed to do. But now, if guys don’t know what’s about to happen, we’re about to get a crash course."

I personally did not believe this to be the case, and even privately referred to it as the road trip from hell, something more akin to a "Mad Max" movie or a sequel to "The Warriors". Miami’s schedule was incredibly strange and at the time the Heat had already led the league in home games played at 23.

As many of you may have guessed with this article, like much Heat offseason speculation, ties back to Chris Bosh. It wasn’t long after Miami’s January death race road trip, that Chris Bosh fell victim to season-ending blood clots yet again. It’s hard not to tie Miami’s strange schedule to his unfortunate condition rearing its ugly head again no matter how far-fetched the theory may be. During the Heat’s ridiculous road trip, they spent nearly (if my calculations are correct, they may not be) nearly 27.5 hours number of hours in the sky.

Of course blood clots and air travel, are not the most healthy combination. In a study published by The New York Times, it’s explained that: "People who fly four hours or more, the study found, have three times the risk of developing clots compared with periods when they did not travel." Basically the main issue is being immobile for these long periods of time, and with so much travel in sports it’s quite unhealthy.

Analyzing the Heat’s 2016-2017 schedule, Heat fans should be happy to know that there is no crazy road trip. The longest road trip the Heat have is in December to January where they’ll play eight of eleven games on the road. At this moment in time, it’s unconfirmed whether or not Bosh will suit up this season, though there have been hints that he will. If he does, the schedule will be slightly easier on him, but obviously the Heat aren’t taking any chances.