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Cracking the code: Is Wayne Ellington miscast as shooting guard?

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The Miami Heat's shout out on Wayne Ellington's Philadelphia Peace Games renewed interest on his possibilities.

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Ever since the brutal murder of his father, Wayne Ellington has become a tireless advocate to curb gun violence. The Miami Heat gave his Philadelphia Peace games a shout out on their Twitter account for representing the franchise's role in helping communities, regardless of location.

A comment said, "I really like ths Wayne Ellington plz coach Spoelstra let this guy see most of the action @ point guard." Since Ellington is 6'4" and only 200 lbs, that suggestion makes sense. says, "He has expanded his shooting repertoire, and is now lethal coming off screens, spotting up, or shooting off the dribble."

Per basketball-reference, in his one season with the Mavericks, he shot 11% from 3-10 ft and 42% on 3-pointers. His 85% career free-throw percentage shows he does best on uncontested attempts. If anything his style is the opposite of Dwyane Wade, who thrived on converting baskets in heavy traffic for and-ones.

Ellington's similarity would be to a Stephen Curry type of point guard, who is a threat from distance if left unguarded. Ellington is not the Chris Paul facilitator type of point guard, but a scoring one who is dangerous coming off screens outside the painted area. Defenders have to come out to meet him, which sets up driving lanes for Dion Waiters, Tyler Johnson, Josh Richardson, etc. also wrote, "[Ellington] understands the difference between a good and bad shot, but is not afraid to take the contested ones when the situation calls. A very reliable foul shooter, especially in end game situations. Likes the up-tempo game, and might be a great fit on a run and gun team."

Perhaps his mediocre figures as a shooting guard come from placing he in situations not best suited to his skill set. Versus smaller college players, he could have gotten away as shooting guard, but not in the NBA.

Gerald Henderson said what everyone knows about Ellington, "He’s always been a good shooter, but he’s turned himself into a really, really good shooter. He’s a good three-pointer, so run him off the line. Make him finish at the rim. He’s getting old, so he lost some of his athleticism. Make sure you put that definitely in the story. And then on the other side, I’m posting him up all game. He’s too little. He doesn’t weigh enough for me."

Instead of trying to make Tyler or Richardson the primary point guards rotation players, Erik Spoelstra could have the more experienced Ellington work on polishing his ball distributing skills at the perimeter, and use the abilities of younger TJ and JR to finish in traffic against the more athletic and bigger rim protectors.

Almost that time!

Posted by Wayne Ellington on Saturday, October 24, 2015