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Heat's work ethic and resilience must set course for this season

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Can Miami rise above their perceived lack of talent in the East?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

By conventional wisdom a 5'10" Michael Jordan was not selected for his varsity team in high school. Again in the 1984 NBA draft he was picked after a 7' Hakeem Olajuwon and 7'1" Sam Bowie. Jordan would soon prove his doubters wrong.

The Charlotte Hornets picked 6'6" Kobe Bryant in the 1996 draft and traded him for 7'1" Vlade Divac. The Hornets miscalculated the importance of Kobe's death stare and his obsession to win.

Are critics missing the Miami Heat's collective death stare as a team, which has an unquenchable drive to win, just to spite a perceived lack of talent?

Other teams gave up on many of the Heat's summer additions as short on the necessary skills to win. Now these players are on the court to prove how wrong others were in their decisions. Dion Waiters is one of them who took a huge gamble on himself to break out of the shadows of Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook.

Erik Spoelstra gave a shout out to Josh Richardson as another hard worker determined to show last season was not a one-year fluke.