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Miami Heat NBA 2K17 player ratings leaked

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NBA 2K17 ratings for the Miami Heat players were put on Instagram. Do you agree with them?

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The 2017 edition of NBA 2K17 started to leak some of their player ratings, including members of the Miami Heat.

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Listed first by a hypothetical starting five, then the rotation players, the numbers, as determined by the NBA 2K17 staff, are:

PG Goran Dragic PG 78
SG Dion Waiters SG 73
SF Justise Winslow SF 77
PF Chris Bosh PF 86
C Hassan Whiteside C 86
6 Tyler Johnson SG 75
7 Josh Richardson SG 75
8 Derrick Williams SF 73
9 Wayne Ellington SG 72
10 James Johnson SF 72
11 Josh McRoberts PF 72
12 Willie Reed PF 70
13 Luke Babbitt SF 69

Which of the ratings seem the most out of line?

As usual Whiteside had his take. This time about having a Winslow haircut.

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