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Dwyane Wade affected by gun violence as cousin killed in Chicago

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Senseless gun violence has taken the life of Dwyane Wade's cousin on the streets of Chicago.

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The cause Wayne Ellington vigorously champions has another person joining its ranks in Dwyane Wade. Wade's younger (32 years old) cousin was caught in a gang fight between two armed men. "She wasn't bothering anybody, just going to register her kids in school — and bullets that fly around have no name decided to find its way to her head," as Wade's mom, Jolinda Wade, said.

Wade went on his twitter account with this comment,

The local ABC News channel gives more details on the horrific shooting, which claimed another innocent victim.

"Nykea Aldridge, 32, was struck in the head and arm by crossfire. She was taken to Stroger Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

"Family members, including Wade's mother, Pastor Jolinda Wade, gathered at Stroger and spoke about their loss. Pastor Wade held her sobbing sister, Aldridge's mother, close the entire time.

'Just sat up on a panel yesterday, The Undefeated, talking about the violence that's going on within our city of Chicago, never knowing that the next day we would be the ones that would be actually living and experiencing it,' Pastor Wade said."

The Undefeated panel that Pastor Wade mentioned was organized by the same ESPN-sponsored property which recently spotlighted the Miami Heat's Ellington in a featured article as one of the leading figures to save the lives of the victims and devastated family members.

Ellington and Joakim Noah played a prominent part in the 2015 Chicago Peace Tournament last year.

"A few weeks later, Ellington joined the Chicago Bulls’ Joakim Noah – the 2015 winner of the Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award – and other NBA players and community activists for a Chicago Peace Tournament, a basketball event launched in 2012 to get gang members off the street and inside a gym."

Another Heat player who had a brother taken from him, Dion Waiters, is promoting a "Stop The Violence" concert being held today via his instagram account.

Whether in Chicago, Philadelpia or Miami, the message is clear: Enough Is Enough.

The Heat have established youth programs in South Florida promoting competition that improves lives, instead of taking them away. Their many initiatives towards reaching that goal are listed below.