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ESPN panel gives three Miami Heat players All-Star consideration

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Hassan Whiteside, Goran Dragic and Justise Winslow were given votes by the ESPN Panel to make their first All-Star Game appearances.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In their Summer Forecast the ESPN Panel voted on the NBA players most likely to make their first All-Star appearances. Among the 47 who received votes there were three Miami Heat players.

  • Hassan Whiteside - 8 votes
  • Goran Dragic - 5 votes
  • Justise Winslow - 1 vote

The top five players to get votes were:

  1. Karl-Anthony Towns (23)
  2. Giannis Antetokounmpo (22)
  3. DeAndre Jordan (20)
  4. Kristaps Porzingis (16)
  5. Kemba Walker (16)

If Chris Bosh returns, it would surprising if he did not get an All-Star berth.

Winslow receiving one vote could create a perceived dog fight between Josh Richardson, Tyler Johnson and Dion Waiters to also get validation of their worth. One of the side effects of Dwyane Wade's departure from the team is answering the question of who will be the beta-dog, since Whiteside and Dragic are the clear alpha-dogs.

The competition on the team is wonderful to get the most out of every player, since this season the playing field for getting recognition is most level since Wade arrived on the scene in 2003. With each player being hungry, they will all strive to produce at a higher level than they ever did before.