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Micky Arison tweets encouraging message to Chris Bosh

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Arison's tweet comes on the heels of an Instagram post from Adrienne Bosh that some speculated was a thinly veiled shot at the Heat.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Heat fans wondered what to make of Chris Bosh's "yes, I'm hoopin'" message on Instagram and Snapchat earlier this week. Did that mean that he is merely hoping to play -- as was the case during the 2016 playoffs, when tension between Bosh and the Heat organization spilled into public consciousness? Or did it mean that both Bosh and Heat executives were on the same page, and are hopeful of the team's highest-paid player playing this year?

Well, someone affiliated with the organization commented on Bosh's health status for the first time today. And it was none other than owner Micky Arison.

This tweet comes at a curious time. Bosh's wife, Adrienne, posted an Instagram message saying in part, "I've been watching my husband for over a month working day in and day out ... A lot of people 'say the right things' but very few follow in their 'actions.' Looking forward to seeing his 'actions' on a court this season." Some speculated that Adrienne Bosh was making a thinly-veiled reference to the Heat. (Of course, she could have also been saying that a lot of athletes say they will come back from career-threatening health scares, but Bosh had the perseverance to do it.)

In today's social media age, players and even those close to them can send messages to NBA fans directly. Some speculated that Dwyane Wade's wife, Gabrielle Union, expressed frustration regarding the Heat's perceived lack of interest in their franchise player during free agency in a tweet.

But with Arison's tweet, it appears that the Heat and Bosh may be on the same page, not headed for a messy departure. A press conference from Pat Riley or Erik Spoelstra would provide a lot more clarity. With training camp starting Sept. 27, Riley or Spoelstra will have to answer questions about Bosh sooner or later. We may have gotten our first clue from Arison.