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Udonis Haslem named “Best Miami Heat Teammate” by NBPA

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It’s a heck of an honor for the 36 year old Miami Heat lifer.

Miami Heat v Boston Celtics Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Udonis Haslem represents everything solid, good, and worthwhile about the Miami Heat. He was born in Florida, he has played his entire career for the organization. He and Pat Riley probably know things that no other mortals could possibly ascertain. Deep, dark secrets.

The NBA’s Player’s Association recently held a players-only vote to determine such things as MVP, most clutch performer, and more. They also held a vote to determine the “Best Teammate” on each team. No surprise, but Haslem won the award for the Heat.

The savvy veteran will have a chance to deepen his Heat legacy as he suits up again next season after signing a one year extension.

Much love and respect Udonis!