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Dion Waiters brings Philly style to Miami

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A part of Dion Waiters Miami fans didn't know about presents "Part 3" this summer.

Dion Waiters announced he will host his "Made In Philly" Suit & Tie Affair, Part 3 in his home town of Philadelphia on August 12, 2016. The instagram video was directed by Waiters' other J Rich (see note below).

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Dion plays hard, and works even harder. Cleveland and Oklahoma City? Miami "suits" his style better.

Udonis Haslem (Florida), Hassan Whiteside (Carolinas), Chris Bosh (Dallas), Justise Winslow (Houston) welcome Waiters to the "Dirty South" as they get to know and trust each on and off the court.

A new era in Miami begins as East Coast cities from the North and South unite in a common cause to take on the NBA "super teams."

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Waiters' Other J Rich

"Born and raised in the Bay area, J Rich, born Johnny Taylor, found himself getting caught up in illicit street activities at the tender age of twelve....When he was 10 years old, J Rich was kidnapped and held for ransom by local gang members."

"Loyalty is a lifestyle and if you ain’t with a solid team with a solid structure, your chance of success is zero to none. Everything is about structure and loyalty. Without structure and loyalty, your chance of winning is zero to none. You gotta be able to trust your team with your life."

From Stay Focused Empire.