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Chris Bosh declares ‘I’m ready’

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The All-Star appeared on the podcast “Open Run”

Chris Bosh training camp 2015

When Chris Bosh appeared on Bill Simmons’ HBO show Any Given Wednesday in July, many fans were upset that he never addressed his playing status in the interview.

That was then, and this is now.

With the NBA season creeping closer and growing indications that the two-time NBA champion will return to play after a second recurrence of blood clots, Bosh appeared on the podcast “Open Run” Wednesday. The 6-foot-11 big man declared, “I’m ready” to play for the opening of training camp.

“Especially with [Heat owner] Micky Arison saying, 'Hey, see you at camp,'" Bosh later added to hosts Jesse Williams and Stefan Marolachakis. "So I think it's moving forward. I have no reason to believe that it's not. And you know, we'll finish this."

Bosh admitted that the Heat have yet to give him official medical clearance to resume contact play. And it’s worth noting that throughout all this time, the Heat organization has remained quiet with the exception of the aforementioned Arison tweet. But it’s clear that Bosh is eager to get back on the court.