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Could Bosh and Heat agree to friendly buyout?

Bosh could head elsewhere if the Heat won’t clear him to play.

Chris Bosh Miami Heat

A buyout could be a possible answer to Chris Bosh playing in the NBA this season, if the All-Star and the Miami Heat can’t come to a mutual decision on the dangers his medical condition presents to being involved in game conditions.

Other teams may be willing to take a chance on Bosh taking the court, but due to the risks involved, paying him far less than his talents warrant.

A possible scenario involves a buyout of Bosh's contract by the Miami Heat at a discounted rate, similar to what James Jones and Beno Udrih accepted before to help the team. Except the numbers involved here are significantly larger.

The question here lies in how much money Bosh is willing to leave on the table to compete in the NBA again. Once he clears waivers, he is free to resume his basketball career with any team who wishes to sign him at a mutually agreed-upon salary.

Bosh wins by playing the game he loves, while getting paid by both the Heat and his new team.

The Heat win by removing the uncertainty of Chris' situation, opening a roster spot, and cutting their losses.

As it stands now neither has yet to figure out a satisfactory solution to have Bosh resume his career in a Heat uniform this season.

Just as the buyouts of James Jones and Beno Udrih paved the way for future successes, perhaps a negotiated deal can benefit everyone involved in resolving this issue.

Facebook Live Q&A

Facebook Live Q&A UNINTERRUPTED #BoshRebuilt

Posted by Chris Bosh on Wednesday, September 21, 2016

During his Facebook Live Q&A Bosh said,

The way he phrased in an encouraging sign that progress is being made. With Bosh in a Miami uniform, the Heat can be a special team, built around a special player, who, in own words, emerged like the Phoenix from the ashes.