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Chris Bosh reveals his true thoughts on blood clot diagnosis in new documentary

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Bosh’s new documentary explores his latest battle with blood clots, and his emotional state.

NBA: Playoffs-Miami Heat at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Bosh has been working on a new documentary for Uninterrupted entitled "Rebuilt" during his time off the court. The first installment of the documentary, both directed and produced by Bosh debuted today and really dives deep into his emotional and mental state when diagnosed with blood clots for the second time.

The first episode of the series is an incredibly honest look at how Bosh dealt with the news and diagnosis. Bosh explains the pains he was having before the All-Star break, the initial diagnosis, and him going into denial. He discusses how he felt "written off" by the Miami Heat after meeting with team doctors who told him he was done. Bosh felt it wasn’t a matter of if he was returning, but when.

The film is terrifying, touching, and very well directed. It’s not often that we get a look into a professional athlete’s life, especially one who has dealt with so much trauma and career uncertainty. Bosh is a talented director, and you can tell he’s been dying to tell this story. With so many athletes choosing the Player’s Tribune to connect with an audience it’s interesting that Bosh chose to do this in collaboration with Uninterrupted. Players and fans alike should watch this, it could very well be a game-changing documentary.

The first episode is available here.