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PAT RILEY: Chris Bosh Heat career ‘probably over’

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Pat Riley breaks his silence on Chris Bosh and gives devastating news

NBA: Miami Heat at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Pat Riley broke the silence on Chris Bosh and his future with the Miami Heat and it’s not good.

Riley insisted that they care about Chris Bosh and that the cap was never a factor. He also said that they were working with Chris to get him back on the court. But now, they are not.

The Heat are not working towards that goal and Chris will not be around for the time being. Riley has reached out to Chris Bosh but hasn’t gotten a reply. Riley said he feels ‘badly’ that the doctors could not resolve this.

Riley added that he, Erik Spoelstra and Micky Arison all reached out to Bosh this summer and he did not talk with them, wanted to wait until he was cleared.

It seems as though Chris Bosh’s time with the Heat is all but officially over.

This is devastating news for this season as the Miami Heat really needed Bosh to bring stabilization to the roster. But more important than that, we all need to realize what is most important: his health.

The issue arises that Bosh wants to play, and the Heat are not comfortable with him playing. There will be a lot of talk about this, but for now — it’s going to get ugly.

The contents from these details are taken from a collection or reporting from Ethan Skolnick and Tim Reynolds during a reporters session with Pat Riley.