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Miami Heat forge a new team identity after a challenging summer

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Over the last month Miami players have developed important trust factors between them that win games during the long season.

josh richardson and briante weber

The young and restless Miami Heat players have grown closer, both on and off the court. This Instagram post shows the communication, energy and joy they have created among themselves over the summer.

After practice Josh Richardson, Willie Reed and Briante Weber had a great time together at a concert in AmericanAirlines Arena. To them going to AA Arena brings back memories of not only the games, but also fun times together.

The energy level on the revamped team seems kicked up several notches with Pat Riley's changes. That intensity will carry over to the games and the people in the arena cheering their team on to victory.

Fashion Icon

Yesterday’s style has gone out the window, with the new generation having a fresh take on today's fashions. The blue-collar worker from Oklahoma, Richardson, has arrived on the scene, with an effortless trend-setting look all his own.

A photo posted by Josh Richardson (@jrich_0) on

Miami Heat Player Spotlight

Lately the Heat have produced short features on the team, most recently a look at Dion Waiters. A former overall 4th first-round draft pick, he brings immense, as yet untapped, talent to the team just waiting to be unleashed on the court.

To trade or not to trade?

Outside of getting a top-ten player, building a cohesive team with its current roster is a key to success this season. Players are getting to know what to expect from each other, in basketball and life. That takes total commitment to the team's success, which can only be built, one play at a time, over the long haul.

When they’re having fun, coming to the gym and sharing stories, they give 150% on the court so they won't let their teammates down when the going gets tough.

The guys had enough upheaval already this summer, and the healing process has begun with new friendships emerging as we speak. As the cliche goes, what doesn’t break the team, only serves to make it stronger.